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Filtraire® V Cell Filter

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FILTRAIRE® V Cell Filters Are Fine Dust Filters Remove Air Contamination Such As Fine Dust, Smoke, Vapor, Pollen, Bacteria Or As Pre-Filters For HEPA And ULPA Filters In Air Conditioning Systems.

Advantages: -

•   Large Filter Surface With Compact Construction
•   Low Installation Depth
•   High Dust Holding Capacity
•   High Air Flow Capacity With Low Pressure Drop
•   High Economic Efficiency
•   Reduced Energy Operating Costs
•   Without Pollutant Emission Fully Incinerable
•   Can Be Installed Horizontally As Well As Vertically

Efficiency – M6- F9

Standard – EN779 /ISO 16890

ASHRAE 52.2 2017: MERV 13 to MERV 16

Frame - Plastic

Media - Glass Fiber