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Filtraire® Minipleat HEPA Filters - Gel Type

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Filtraire® HEPA Filters Are Used In Situations Requiring High Or Very High Levels Of Air Purity According To Liquid Seal Technique. Typical Applications Can Be Found In Hospitals, Microelectronics, Medicine, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Laboratories And Food Industry.

Advantages: -
No Leak With Gel Seal Gasket, For Laminar Flows, Large Filter Surface, Low Pressure Drop, Reduced Energy Consumption, Optimized Velocity Distribution, Guaranteed Leak-Free, Mechanically Stable, Minimum Risk Of Damage, One Piece, No Leak Gasket

Media : Micro Glass Fiber

Frame : Aluminum Extruded Profile

Gasket : Gelseal

Available Depths: 80mm, 105mm

Efficiency: H10/H11/H12/H13/H14

Standard : EN 1822 / 1SO 16890