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Filtraire® Carbo-V Filter

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Filtraire® Carbo-V Serves To Absorb Gaseous Pollution And Odors. It May Be Installed For Supply And Exhaust Air Domestic And Technical Applications. Due To A Simple Modular Construction System. If Needed, Gaseous Contamination Can Be Absorbed Through Diverse Filtering Layers With Different Kinds Of Impregnated Carbon. With Its High Air Flow And Gaseous Adsorption Capacity.


This Construction Of Each Carbo-V Gives A Strong Unit Capable Of Removing Odors From Large Air Volumes At The Required Contact Times For Systems. It Can Be Used In Large Application Areas Such As Airports, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing, Operations, Restaurants and Shopping Center.

Frame – GI

Media- Activated Carbon Granules

Application – Odor control